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First class central heating and boiler services in Bexleyheath and Sidcup

At Abtek we are experts in boiler servicing, from boiler repairs, to boiler installations and boiler replacements. Since your boiler forms the hub of your home’s central heating unit, it’s only natural that we extend our boiler services in Sidcup, Bexleyheath and surrounding areas to include that as well.

What we can do for you

It may be that you have recently had your boiler serviced and everything is running okay, or that your domestic hot water supply is piping hot, but your radiators simply won’t warm up. In these situations it is not normally the boiler (replacement or new installation) that is at fault, but the array of pipes and radiators that make up your central heating system. There can be a number of reasons for this and, as the premier boiler servicing firm in the Sidcup Bexleyheath area, we can usually resolve them.

Cold radiators

If, following a boiler servicing, a boiler repair, or a boiler installation, your radiators aren’t getting hot enough, we would normally check the radiators and pipes themselves. Common causes for this problem include air in the radiators that needs to be released (known as ‘bleeding’ the radiators), or a build-up of sludge in the pipes that prevents hot water from your new boiler installation or boiler replacement from getting into the radiators. This can usually be flushed out of the system, or (depending on the severity of the problem) require a replacement pipe.

Power flushing

One of the boiler services we provide, along with boiler replacements and boiler repairs, is power flushing your central heating system. Less dramatic than it sounds, it involves ejecting the sludge and grime from your system, replacing it with fresh, clean water that will heat up nicely.


As well as boiler repairs, boiler replacements, and boiler installations, one of the other boiler services we offer is fixing thermostats. We have experience both with manual thermostats and modern smart thermostats (both hive and nest varieties) so your system is in good hands.

Your local boiler specialists

From our Sidcup office, Abtek covers an area of seven miles, delivering quality boiler services and boiler repairs to our clients in Bexleyheath too.

Over thirty years’ experience

Between them our engineers have over three decades of experience in all aspect of central heating maintenance, from boiler replacement and boiler installation to boiler servicing and boiler repair.


Landlord safety certificate providers

It is the responsibility of the landlord in rented accommodation to provide their tenants with an up-to-date landlord safety certificate, ensuring that all gas appliances have been tested and meet all required safety regulations.

Check appliances for gas tightness

Pressure tests to find leaks

Check the standing and working pressure of the gas supply

Check burner pressures or gas rates against manufacturers guidelines

Ventilation checks

Check device and appliance stability

Test the flue for complete removal of products of combustion


No call out charge

Unlike other central heating and boiler servicing companies, we do not charge call-out fees to our clients in Bexleyheath and Sidcup. The price you pay is the cost of our time, labour, and materials.

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For all central heating queries, from boiler installations and boiler replacements, to new radiators and full boiler servicing, call Abtek today 01322 407218, 07956 956 112 or 07400 631 930 for a free, no-obligation quote.

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