At Abtek, we not only install, replace, and service boilers, but we also repair them, having performed thousands of boiler repairs for our clients in and around the Sidcup and Bexleyheath areas.


A good boiler, properly installed and maintained, can potentially last for decades, but there’s always the chance of something going wrong. When it does, it’s always at the worst possible moment, which is why quick and effective boiler repairs are essential.


Which is where we come in.

Common boiler repair issues

There are many issues that might necessitate a boiler repair, with some being less serious than others. While it is possible to correct some of these issues yourself, if you’re in doubt, we recommend getting a boiler repair professional in, rather than risking further damage to the unit, or injury to yourself. Here are some of the more common boiler faults that we come across.

boiler maintenance
boiler hot water issues

No heat or hot water

A common problem, and one with a multitude of possible causes, from motorised valve failure and faults with the thermostat, to broken airlocks or diaphragms within the boiler itself. Some of these parts may need replacing as part of your boiler repair in order to get things up and running again.

Leaking and dripping

Usually caused by one or more internal components having broken (such a pressure valve or a pump seal), leaking and dripping can come about through general wear and tear, or by running your boiler’s pressure too high. Since leaks only get worse, an urgent boiler repair is recommended.

Bangs, gurgles, and whistling

Usually indicative of air in the system than needs to be released. Whilst it often sounds worse than it is, these noises can sometimes be a precursor to pump failure, especially in older boilers, so a boiler repair (or even replacement) might be advised.

Thermostat issues

If your thermostat is no long accurate, or if it switches the heating on or off when it isn’t meant to, it could be time to get it replaced. At Abtek, our engineers are experts at installing modern smart thermostats, including both hive and nest models, and will be happy to advise you on the matter as part of your boiler repair.

Your local boiler repair specialists

Based in Sidcup, Abtek offers full boiler repairs to an area of seven miles, including our clients in nearby Bexleyheath.

our qualified engineers

Over thirty years’ experience

With over three decades of experience under their collective belts, our team of dedicated and qualified engineers have dealt with all of the boiler repairs listed above, and more. This level of experience in boiler repairs brings peace of mind to new and existing customers in Sidcup and Bexleyheath.

No call out charge

Some boiler repair firms charge a call-out fee just to look at your boiler. At Abtek, all consultations are free, as we know you will not find better value or service in the region.

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Get in touch

Whatever your boiler repair needs are, call Abtek today on 020 8303 9140 or 07956 956 112, for a free, no-obligation quote.

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